Brand Visibility: Vine vs Instagram

Jun 03

Why does brand visibility play a vital role in determining the success of your business? The answer is that good or better brand visibility signifies your products or services ability to attract the attention of new customers or

the attention of your target audience. Since the market is highly competitive, superior brand visibility is crucial to the success of your business and will determine how long your business will stay in the industry.

There are lots of approaches that will make sure that your brand will receive the most distinct visibility, and set it apart from competitions. One way to ensure the visibility of your brand is through video marketing. Video marketing has been the best and quickest approach to get the word out to people. Nowadays, the innovation of technology has allowed even the most novice individual to create great marketing videos. Every manufactured computer has the capability to make videos, and you don’t need a video camera to do it. YouTube, for example, allows you to upload videos for free, and you can easily get the word out about your business.

While video marketing is becoming the most popular means of brand visibility, tons of online video ads and apps have been created to help people increase their brand visibility. Two of the most popular online video ad and apps used by people nowadays are Vine and Instagram. These two platforms are better than the others for brand awareness. Both platforms have video clock in it, allowing people to time the length of their video ads.

Which video platform can provide better brand visibility to your business, Vine or Instagram? The answer depends on where your target audience thrives in social media. Both Instagram and Vine are part of huge social media platforms with millions of members. This means that whatever platform you choose, you can still increase your brand visibility.

Vine vs Instagram: Which Vide Marketing Platform is the Best?

Instagram does not integrate with Facebook, but Vine video does integrate with Twitter. In terms of reach, Facebook has over 1.1 billion users, while Twitter has over 500 million users. This can give you an idea on which platform is the best for building brand visibility. However, Vine can provide you with uninterrupted video stream whereas Instagram has left image video feeds as one.

Time Limitations

Vine is considered better than Instagram in terms of providing your brand with a chance of making a better impact to your audience. With a short period of time, you can ensure that your audience will get to know your brand.

Filters and Recording Functionality

Instagram offers some editing features, filter, and options for uploading you existing videos. As for Vine, it requires an in-app recording that limits your ability to focus, alter, or edit the segment in the way you want it to be. On the contrary, Instagram videos cannot be embedded while Vine videos can be.

Instagram and Vine have debuted as user first platform and turned to marketer second. This means that brands that create more integrated, creative, and playful videos have the better chance at views and even shares of users.