Digital Marketing and Social Media

May 15

For a long time inventive marketing had a lot to do with producing creative content. Technology made access easier, almost bypassing agencies and allowing businesses to directly “talk” to their consumers. However, social mediums

have morphed and have made content creation and sharing possible by all who can access a smart phone. This means that the challenge is no longer content creation alone but to simultaneously build platforms to respond to content being created by users and influencers. To remain connected is the marketing challenge in the digital age.

Old School vs New Rules

To think of digital marketing in social mediums as old and new is perhaps not surprising because that is part of the vocabulary of the business but when we realise that the domain did not exist before the twenty-first century we realise how agile technology is. It is always flowing into applications that people in centralised positions cannot predict. The important point to note is people are no longer only free to access and consume but also to create. This is most true in terms of content, now that content is already being created and shared for/about the company regardless of whether it is favourable or not.

What does it Mean for Businesses?

Well, the advertisements or other content created by businesses about their offerings are not the only content in the digital world on those offerings. In fact they may not even be the most dominant (for example views, shares and comments). This means any company that does not extend itself beyond the content it creates on social mediums misses large chunks of the conversation about its products/services where opinions are being formed.

Be a Part of It

This is not a call for ‘managing’ such content but to be a part of the conversation. A professional agency that understands the workings of such mediums can not only help you strategically place your content on these mediums for optimizing your ROI but also integrate your online campaigns and design your online platforms (websites) with such conversations. By creating portals to channel these conversations to your platforms you have a cost-effective learning tool along with the advantage of being the first responder to all of your consumers’ pleasures and problems regarding your offerings.

Communication Platforms as Business Solutions

After all getting ahead in the digital age means staying connected. Designing platforms that keep you engaged directly with your consumers forms an indispensable part of your social media strategy, content creation is only part of it.