Facebook Uncovers 4 New Targeting Options Useful for Advertisers

Jun 13

It was just recently when Facebook released a new collection of central targeting options which enable the advertisers to filter their audiences further in paid social advertisements and obtain improved perception into

performance. Subsequent to the update, advertisers could anticipate upgraded controls on behavior, interest, demographic and location.

Facebook is continuously introducing the newer features on the previous month with the API platform. A number of PMDs or Preferred Marketing Developers have verified that they will obtain inclusive integration of those features real soon. The following provides the details with respect to the 4 new targeting options for advertisers.

Location – An Updated Targeting Profile
Now, Facebook will provide a “flexible” targeting location which enables the marketers from building campaigns for different geographical combination, such as city and county (example, London and France), state and country (New York and Canada), city and state (Las Vegas and California) and zip code and state (US only). What’s more, now, it will be easier for you to leave out locations directly to the level of zip code.

Demographic – An Updated Targeting Profile
Targeting for core audience will now have additional selection values for certain relationships that include domestic partnerships and civil unions, along with greater flexibility on the targeted life events like marriage. For instance, a retailer may wish to share promotions on wedding registry with a person who is already engaged in the previous 3 months. Now, added targeting options include certain information such as job title and workplace, and provide expanded information related to education. Such updates enable advertisers for better alignment of promotions and messaging around affiliations or major life events.

Interest – An Updated Targeting Profile
Facebook has shifted from keyword and hashtag targeting, rather than giving emphasis on the general interest shown with the platform. The social media uncovers the development of the new methodology, which boosts the accuracy of interest based targeting through enabling the advertisers to just select a single segment. Now, when you wish to get in contact with some baseball fans, simply select “baseball” serving your targeting part and Facebook will eventually attract all people who have expressed interest in or like baseball relevant subjects on Facebook. When your present campaigns have accurate interest keywords that include the hashtag, they will be accommodated on the platform.

Behaviors – Updated Targeting Profile
Behaviors are the fresh addition to the targeting options of Core Audience. Behavior targeting enables marketers to aim for campaigns depending on the forms of devices and behavior people utilize to display this behavior. When producing a target audience, advertisers may choose the mixtures of behaviors and will narrow them down. For instance, you may easily connect with people who are listening to music while using their mobile phones and who will likely to create purchases online. The section for behavior on audience targeting would also exhibit third party partner categories. The distinctive part is that these behaviors on Core Audience will be supported by the proprietary data of Facebook.

These new features are indeed useful and efficient for advertisers, so everyone should know and understand more about it.