Internet and Micro-Market Entrepreneurship: Personalise and Priortise Instead of Casting A Broad Net

Jul 08

Internet penetration is not only growing in India but is becoming more and more mobile. Especially in urban areas. But it is the trend for now and foreseeable future that people turn to mobile devices to look up information on

products, to shop and for social networking.

However, it is not a medium that is built for everyone to participate in everything for everyone to be able to find their own niche. What people do on their devices also reveals their intention behind being there. So many of the super-viewers, and super-consumers, and India’s young digital brigade are mostly using their mobiles for social network applications. Social media applications are not a natural habitat for brands. They are designed for people to interact with people whom their trust; this generally means family or friends. Even people are meeting others their intentions is to have a social interaction rather than a commercial. To leverage these mediums is to target those users who would have or have interest in the services and let them talk to their near and dear ones. The message that brands want to get out there will have to take this longer route.

But, this is not just about the message or the content. Companies especially new companies will do better to leverage the targetting potential of the internet and create a niche community that will be a strong foundation for their brand rather than rely on marketing tactics such as mass-targeted old school ads.