Making your Horizon Wider through Social Media

Jul 05
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Social media is considered as the new part of the media industry. It is a media platform that allows many people to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through communicating with other using the internet and other devices.

The manifestations of the modern technology provoke many people to use the social media as a way to connect and communicate with many people in the different parts of the world. Social media is a powerful platform that allows many people to communicate and obtain the sense of entertainment.

Social media plays a vital role in the lives of the people. Social media is indeed a widespread issue for many people. The word “Social media guru” also obtained controversy in the internet industry and web community. Despite the controversy brought by the social media, many social networking sites captured the attention of everyone such as Twitter and Facebook. The use of social networking sites can cause some changes to the lives of people. It can either help or destroy you in accordance to the way you use it.

It seems that everyone has the social responsibility to the impact of social media to the lives of all people. Social media is definitely a part of user’s experience. People are the designer of the impact of the social media to their lives. People must understand that social media must not control them; instead, people must control the use of social media to reduce the occurrence of negative impact of social media to the lives of all people. People must sue social media properly so that social media will not cause negative impacts to the lives of many social media users.

The “Share this” button

Social media networking sites include the “share this” button. This application allows many people to share some of their thoughts, ideas and feelings. Share this button can definitely cause both positive and negative impacts to all online users. It can give you both important and nonsense information. It is the main reason why many people must understand that they must use social media properly to avoid the occurrence of some problems such as improper information dissemination.

The Following Button

Social media sites also include following applications. Like other applications, the “following” application button can either manifest both and negative impacts to the users of social media sites. For some cases, some people find this application as a form of distraction. Some people call the “following” application as a “call to action”. Some people use this application to introduce some products and services. Instead of giving link, some people use this application to catch the attention of many online users.

Use Social Media Properly

No doubt, social media can help many people in terms of communication and entertainment but, improper use of social media will also cause negative impacts to the lives of the people. Social media is considered as an innovation in the internet industry. Social media is not bad at all; manifestations and impacts of social media will vary according to the way a user use social media. To avoid the occurrence of negative impacts of social media then you must it properly.