Identify the Right Social Advertising Method Ideal for You

Jun 20

With the increasing number of opportunities for advertisements all across the social networks, it is simple to get confused who provides what in every platform. So, if you are one those advertisers who want to identify the best

social advertising method suited for you, the following details should help you find the most favorable investment selections for your business.

Facebook Social Advertising
A ringleader of the entire social advertising, Facebook provides a range of choices both for small and large business owners, allowing it to be an affordable way for any business looking to widen their reach of customer base. As of now, Facebook is offering 8 different objectives for your campaigns on advertising, which include Website Conversions, Clicks to Website, Page Like, Page Post Engagement, App Installs, App Engagement, Offer Claims, and Event Responses. Based on these targets, you have different methods to be used including Sponsored Stories, Page Post Ads, Boosted Posts and Promoted Posts.

Twitter Social Advertising
Twitter now also offers Promoted Tweets addressed to users. Presently, this platform features three basic types of advertising, namely Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets, and Promoted Trends. Promoted Accounts are excellent for boosting the number of appropriate followers to the Twitter profile. Promoted Tweets provide additional bonus for reaching both potential and current target followers, which is great for quickly building your active community of influencers and fans for your industry. Promoted trends have been designed for users depending on locations and their followings, which is best to be used by bigger brands.

LinkedIn Social Advertising
Advertisements on LinkedIn are pretty simple, having a vibrant objective, brief call to action, while providing you easily obtained goals. This platform provides a range of objective methods, enabling a user to really customize the viewers of their ads. The categories are job function, job title, geography, gender, age, company size, industry, company name, or the LinkedIn Group. After you have already identified your audience, you may then have your advertisement budget set and you will be on your way to reaching success.

Pinterest and Google Plus Social Advertising
Pinterest and Google Plus are still within the early phases of advertising, having Pinterest as the newest one in the game with competitive ad proposals from huge name investors beginning at $1M rolling out.

On the other hand, Google Plus provides a pretty interesting method for businesses that are looking to extend their reach. The platform’s “+Post” advertisements are running on the Google Display Network that takes in two million websites. The advertisements appear to be the same as the posts of Google Plus yet display on the network’s exterior. For instance, if you are inside the market looking for a brand new Sedan, you may find a Toyota pop up ad on the AutoTrader or other car related site. In this way, the ads work much similar to the promoted posts of Facebook. Google Plus ads do not include recommendations yet merely public posts from its users. This approach is recommended to all advertisers out there.

Based on this breakdown, you may then make your choice on the social advertising method that you will choose.