Social Media Influence

Aug 12

Search engine ranking has been influenced by social media. It is one of the contributing factors in determining where the search is heading. Anyone who wants to get into internet marketing should keep in mind that there are

several influencers on how your site will be ranked. Thus, you need to know how to look for them, collaborate with them and engage with them through word of mouth marketing programs.

The internet marketing today is going through exploratory phase in which entrepreneurs are trying varied approaches. Some approaches may work for others but not for all. That is why it is important to understand deeper about social media influence based from analytics perspective and utilizing a simplified model. There are two entities of influence such as influencer and target.

The influencer has the ability to influence the audience based on two factors:

Credibility – No single influencer can possibly influence all domains unless the influencer shows expertise and credibility in a particular field of knowledge.

Bandwidth – The influencer should have the ability to transfer his expertise via social media channel. A good influencer should not only be active on a particular area of knowledge but also in social media channels.

On the other hand, can only influence the targets based on four factors including the following:

Relevance – The expertise of the influencer should coincide with the needs of the target. Thus, the influencer should provide relevant information to the target, otherwise it will be considered as spam.

Timing – The influencer should have the ability to deliver the information to the target at the right time.

Alignment – Both the influencer and the target should be in the same social media channel so that it will be easier to obtain the information.

Confidence – The credibility of the influencer is not enough to influence the target. Instead, the target should have confidence to the influencer so that the information will not be taken for granted.

It is not that easy to influence the target. The above cited social influence model gives more attention to the influencer rather to the targets. In order to be successful in influencing target there is a need to have balanced perspective. Social media has been very influential especially today that millions of people spend most of their time on different social media platforms. Likewise, the business industry is also influenced by social media revolution.

What Makes the Social Media Platform so Influential?

1. It’s ubiquitous – Social media is growing enormously because the members of different social media platform are increasing in number day by day.

2. It’s time consuming – Nowadays, internet users have been spending more time on social media as compared to the past years.

3. It’s habit-forming – According to a study, it can be difficult to separate social media from the real life. This is the reason why social media influenced much the target audience.

4. It influences even the non-virtual life – Social media greatly influenced the life of the users in which they engage most of their usual activities virtually.

5. It helps business – Social media give opportunities to businesses in connecting to their consumers the easy way.

Indeed, social media influence is not only applicable to individuals but also to businesses. Through social media influence, your website will be ranked by different search engines.