The Innovation of Native Advertising

Jul 09

Native advertising definitely plays a vital role in the success of many industries around the world. The continuous manifestation of modernization also brought changes to the way many people advertise their products and services.

Modernization also causes innovation in the native advertising. Have you heard the line that “display advertising is dead?”

If yes, probably you heard that line because many people thought that display advertising is not now working. The truth is that the native advertising or the display advertising still work for some brands but still it cannot provide solutions for some hurdles. Banner blindness is still a problem for many marketers. Many entrepreneurs are still having a problem on how they can catch the attention of people effectively.

Display is not dying actually; it is in fact evolving. The rise of native advertising is a part of the continuous innovation of the advertising industry. The native advertising is a technique designed and formulated to break the boundaries of the IAB sizes and it serves as a way to allow many advertisers deliver their messages to people.

Buzzfeed uses the manifestation of the native advertising. Buzzfed follows the same branding style and the format of the other content. Advertisers and publishers allow this type of advertising to integrate and set aside the editorial space. Publishers use this type of method so that the content will match the style of the website. At first glance, you might think that it seems comparable to the strategy uses for advertorials.

The advertorial is a type of advertisement style formulated to blend with the website and concentrates more in the content of the website. The difference between this type of advertisement and native advertisement is that advertorial tend to take many users to view the brand while native advertisement works with accomplishing the objective of the media. Brands relatively can obtain bigger canvas for the advertisement.

The online edition of Atlantic highlighted and used the power of the native advertising technique. The publication set separate department that will focus in the native advertising which is called Incite. Atlantic calls the team as the ‘’Brand newsroom’’. The team composed of custom content creators, strategists, social media specialists and designers. The 360i community also gives life and appeal to brands. The Incite team can make the editorial life into simple yet effective advertising assets.

The use of native advertising can definitely help many people and publication to enhance the way they advertise. 360i uses native advertising campaign for a big toy brand. It shows that native advertising is indeed an effective and powerful platform that many people can use to attract the attention of many people to patronize certain company and brand.

Native advertisement is a new opportunity for many people to maximize the capacity to provide good quality display space. Native advertising is a helpful method that can empower many people to endorse or advertise their products and services. The manifestation of the digital technology also adds color and impact to the native advertising method.

Marketers will definitely need to do continuous innovation so that they can optimize the power of native advertising. Combination of strategies and testing can also help many people to improve the native advertising. Native advertising is indeed a unique property and tool. Native advertising is one component of larger media platform.