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Grape5 will help you in segmenting your marketing and strategic planning activities along with Industry Verticals. We are sure that our Industry Vertical services are vital in achieving success, and Grape5 can help you accomplish this. Our expert team will combine a deep understand of the available sources with our own proprietary data and in-depth knowledge of key differences between these verticals, in-addition of our various practice areas in the business and digital marketing expertise.

Our Industry Vertical Services Include:

  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunication
  • Financial Services & Consulting
  • Banking & Insurance
  • BPO, KPO & LPO
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
  • Media, Advertising & Communication
  • Retailing

We understand that each of the above mentioned Industry vertical segments have different structures in terms of the number of firms, different distribution of these firms in terms of size, ownership, overall concentration, profitability and cost. Moreover, the nature and degree of competition, but our expert team will handle all the situations so perfectly.

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